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The company officially launched the new brand on Shanghai Bauma China.


At 11:20 a.m. on November 23th , 2010, The Company officially launched the logo for the new brand on the Bauma China 2010, which marks the formal initiation of the global development strategy.  Dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and sale of road compaction machinery, the Company aims to become the internationally leading supplier of compaction machinery. 

The brand press conference was hosted by Luo Zehua, Vice Council Chairman and Secretary General of the Compaction Machinery Association of China. Professor Sun Zuwang, former President of Xi'an Highway University and Advisor of the Compaction Machinery Association of China, Mr. Wu Jingwu, Council Chairman of the Compaction Machinery Association of China, Feng Guiying, Secretary-General to the Agent Working Committee of the Construction Machinery Association of China, Mr. Wei Hua, Chief Risk Officer of Construction Bank Qingdao Branch, and Mr. Zhang Yugang, Chairman of the company jointly started the brand news conference. In addition, several well-known experts from different industries, more than 20 media companies, and partial agents, suppliers, and user representatives of the company, totaling more than 200 people witnessed this grand moment. In the Conference, Mr. Wu Jingwu, Council Chairman of the Compaction Machinery Association of China granted the Vice Council Unit plaque and Vice Council Chairman certificate to Chairman Mr. Zhang Yugang and General Manager Mr. Yao Luting respectively on behalf of the Association.

First from the left: Secretary-General Feng Guiying; second from the left: Inspector-General Wei Hua; in the Middle: Chairman Zhang Yugang; first from the right: Professor Sun Zuwang; second from the right: Council Chairman Wu Jingwu.

It is reported that the logo for the new brand was jointly designed by many well-known advertising companies and designers who also participated in the competitive bidding of the logo. The overall design style of the logo adopts the forward-looking design philosophy and elements of the international brand logo and attaches more importance to international positioning of the brand and needs of dissemination. The Logo is a graphics that integrates the first letters of Ke Tai. Such a graphic looks simple and elegant, with highly international profile. It is similar to the design of mechanical support. It not only expresses product attributes in an abstract sense and displays product technology & quality, but also impresses viewers with solidness and steadiness, which profoundly highlights the corporate image and strength of the company as a leader of technology & quality. Red and black as the standard color of logo show the optimum color scheme that combines the traditional color and modern color. The red after being handled through gradual change breaks through graphic limitations so that the logo appears three dimensional, layering, more vibrant and dynamic. It symbolizes endless vigor and vitality of the company. From the Chinese character form, the logo as a whole resembles the Chinese character “以”. The red part in the middle that is handled through gradual change is the Arabic numeral "1" while the part on the right looks like the Chinese character “人.” The logo demonstrates the enterprise spirit of “People-oriented and Striving for the First Place".

Shanghai Bauma China, one of the most famous exhibitions in the international construction machinery field, is held once every two years. Bauma China is sponsored by Germany Munich Exhibition Agency with participants from construction machinery manufacturers and suppliers of international and domestic famous brands. In addition, Bauma China attracts professional audiences, such as well-known experts, academics, media, agents, customers and others of the industry. Bauma China is the largest construction machinery show, trade, and exchange platform in China and even in Asia. It has formed a strong exhibition brand effect. The launch of the logo for the new brand, on one hand helps quickly improve the brand awareness and reputation of Ketai brand resorting to the exhibition brand effect and expand the brand's international influence and on the other hand speeds up the global strategic plan taking advantage of the exhibition platform.

First from the left: Council Chairman Wu Jingwu; in the middle: General Manager Yao Luting; first from the right: Chairman Zhang Yugang.

With the "Technology & Quality Leader" as its mission, the company is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of road compaction machinery. The launch of the logo for the new brand contributes a lot to the building of the company as a world-class road construction expert.


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