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  • Service Philosophy

  Service System


  Service Tenet: Concern about Users’ Demands and Provide Services beyond Users’ Expectations

  Service Mode:
  Active service: Before providing services for users, concern about users’ demands and reach users’ expectation of services, such as pre-sales technical advice for users, use training during sale, intensive training from after sale to before use, regular training after use, and return visit to users after sale.

  Full service: With the services based on the operation value chain, the company applies the service concept to different links, such as R & D, manufacturing, sale and services. Each employee acts as one service unit. The company closely combines the "internal service chain" and "external service chain” through the coordination and linkage mechanism of different links of the value chain so as to achieve real full services.

  Differentiated services: The company subdivides group users, individual users, trial users, new product customers, intensive operation services and scattered operation services, meticulously designs pertinent marketing services, allocates resources according to differentiated user values, creates comparative advantages of services, continuously introduces diverse products to meet the demands of users, and provides users with tailored services.

  Efficient service: The company, based on customer relationship management, perfects sound marketing channels, optimizes service processes, improves support means and meets customers’ demands with high efficient services.

  Superior service: The company attaches importance to service team building and service skill training, improves customer service quality, and attracts users with friendly and considerate services. With continuous services, the company intends to provide services beyond users’ expectations.


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